About Us

Throughout the lineage of every culture, decision making about community/village endeavors, the “rites of passage,” and so much more, originated with a “wise men counsel.” The counsel made decisions collectively to keep the village as one. Today, communities/villages are faced with diverse: cultures, spiritual beliefs/value systems, financial status, ages, motivations and focal points of studies. All of which have contributed to create a community that cannot make sound decisions for the health and enhancement of the masses, while dispelling their own special interest. BST is a method to bring the centralization of the wise men counsel foundation back into operation and focus.

​BST is a round table masterpiece that bridges the age, race, economic category, and religious gaps between men. The round table provides a venue for males of mature ages to not only vent and share their story but to network with men from various walks of life. The round table is exclusive to males only, providing an atmosphere that allows men to share deep rooted pains, current life dilemmas, sports, and various topics considered as, “Man Talk.”

​BST is also the seed of the largest mentoring program in America. BST established a mentoring support channel to facilitate males of ages 8+ to be welcomed into and encouraged to grow within a rank developed structure. BST is pressed on instilling our core values in every member, demonstrating Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage, Loyalty, Balance, Respect, Selfless services, and Duty in all aspects of life and operations. BST is particular about our mentors & mentees being carefully trained to ensure the highest standard of quality and value. We consistently strive to provide a superior level of service designed to exceed the expectations of our members. From the ages of 8 to 80, males will have the opportunity to take ownership of their future and the future of men to come.

​Collectively between the BST round table and mentorship program, the community will see an impact in: large scale community service projects, the increase in men’s mental and physical health, happier & healthier relationship, and passion centered employment opportunities, a decrease in violence, and inflation in motivation for education/success. Men collectively are now creating the world’s tomorrow.