BST Affiliates

BST is helping businesses and community members to promote and reinforce positive affiliations. The following organizations may not host meetings within their place of business (yet), but they do agree to uphold the values of BST. The BST logo is a flag reflecting the values we believe in. Join us and join them as well!


I like it… this is a much needed movement… Thanks for carrying on!

(Mama) Barbara Shannon Bannister
City of Aurora Chief of Community Relations Division


​I visited the website & all I can say is WOW. I’m very impressed with you, the other young men and what all of you are doing. I’ve known Malone for few years and as I always say it’s a small world. I shared your website with my family/friends and added a FEW good words of my own. Keep up the good work and I will give my support in any way I can. I’ve been involved with PG County School for years and a host of other organization. I am the QUEEN of Networking/Smile. I will be sharing this information about your organization with parents in up and coming meeting.

​Take care and I’m proud of what you are doing as a young man.”

Ms. Norma Page

This has made such an impact here in Denver, I’m excited to see how well it grow in other states! Although I would love to see the sister organization develop sooner, I understand that the men need this first. Thank God for the vision, and you all have my full support

Malachia Craft,