Our Team


I’m a natural born leader, follow my lead and I promise I’ll get us to the goal. This work is not for my benefit, I’m doing this for the benefit of us. Communication, values and mental agility. Every man has to know that there is someone out there depending on him. Every man should believe in his heart, that regardless of what happens, we will never turn our backs on each other. The success or failure of our nations men rests on my shoulders, and to the extent of my dying breath, I will not fail.


Jide Gamu

Founder & Chairman

Jide began his career while working for the Colorado Alliance for Reform in Education (C.A.R.E), on behalf of school choice, Jide helped develop the Alliance for Equal Opportunity in Education, to promote school choice for students. Shortly thereafter, he started his first business, C.O.R.E. (Colorado youth – Overcoming adversity – Recognizing their potential – Empowering one another). Through his work with C.O.R.E., Jide developed a community program called BarberShop Talk, an introspective gathering of men from 8 to 80 who met in a barbershop to discuss community issues. BarberShop Talk grew to include a television broadcast hosted by Jide and later produced a spin off for women called “A Woman’s Worth.”

In 2005, Jide started “Youth Tree,” a community redevelopment organization comprised of young individuals whose potential for excellence exceeded their age. In addition, he co-hosted a radio show on KLDC 800 am called “Anointed Word on the Street.” Topics included the impact of growing up in a fatherless home.
In 2006, after more than 700 hours of training, Jide helped open the first Educo Gym in America. His training has taken him as far as Sardinia, Italy, Paradise Island, Bahamas and Belize. In early 2008 Jide was elected as the 2nd Vice Chair of the Aurora Human Relations Commission, and was also awarded the “2007 Activist Award” by the City of Aurora.

Jide currently resides in Washington DC endeavoring to bring about positive change in his new community.


Haroun Cowans

Vice Chairman

Haroun K. Cowans has 13 years of experience in the world of banking and finance, Haroun was previously employed by a national commercial bank and oversaw two retail branches and was able to turnaround a subpart performing branch in a blighted neighborhood to a top performing branch achieving pinnacle success, which was the first time in its 20 plus year history. Foregoing to that Haroun was employed by the likes of Merrill Lynch, Waddell & Reed and W.A.A. Consulting where he was a financial advisor and also responsible for raising capital through relationships with institutions and accredited investors for startup technology based firms while also giving guidance to these firms on the best approach to strategically growing their business and fine tuning their business model. Haroun has applied himself to an unusual broad base of experience with finance and marketing. One of Haroun’s passions is entrepreneurial, helping others in growing and understanding small business. Haroun serves on several boards which include: Youth Biz (Chairman), Judaism of the Foothills board member, Youth Directions board member and Cleo Robinson Dance board member.