BarberShop Talk (BST) has been changing the lives of men since we opened our doors in Denver, Colorado early 2005. Every day, we strive to provide men and young men with friendly service and the best male bonding experience in the Washington DC (DMV) & Denver, CO. area.

We genuinely care about our members and their families and go above and beyond to provide the best support possible. We do these things, and more, while providing men with a round table of accountability at a good value, time.



​Monthly each shop within the organization hosts a round table discussion. The sessions aim is to research, analyse, discuss, and execute 2 of the 3 BST goals:

1. Critical Thinking & Emotional Intelligence
-The Standards
-Elements of Thought
-Intellectual Traits

2. Purpose & Legacy Living
-Personal Values
-Goal Setting
-Top 3 Priorities
-Occupational Outline


Etiquette classes cupped with male Customs and Courtesy’s are separate monthly sessions that focus on:

1. Personal Presentation
2. Self Confidence
3. Dinner & Conversation Etiquette

BST has partnered with Wise Gentleman to facilitate guest speakers and breakout sessions.


Rite of

Annually BST provides a wilderness experience. All activities are conducted with a competitive approach. A Rite of Passage ceremony will end of the excursion.

​This ceremony provides recognition to the young men who have completed the BST curriculum. Parents, community members, friends, and fellow BST members will all join in congratulating the young father figures.

The Secret of Our Success

Lots of companies start with dreams to change a neighborhood or city. At BST, we can provide a safe atmosphere for men globally inside barbershops located in every community. We create experiences more valuable than words could ever explain. We only work with the people who share our passion for positive change. That way, you know you’re being helped by people who know their stuff. Good enough is just not an option for us. Therefore, we plan to change the world.